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PeMaC Kft. Pályázatok

Technical perfection and precision

PeMaC Kábeltechnika Kft., based in Nagymányok, manufactures and develops high-quality, unique, special cables and connectors according to customers’ requests and specifications.

PeMaC has more than 200 customers who order continuously, so we need all kinds of base materials. For this, we store approximately 8,000 types of parts in our 135-meter-long warehouse, from simple connectors to more complicated cables.

In the 7,000 m² area of our factory, hundreds of production line workers prepare the products for our customers. The production is divided into clear and regulated processes. The number of the products are growing continuously.

We have a reliable background: our Austrian parent company, H&S Kabeltechnik, which guarantees that we should only focus on production, and it handles the collection of orders and the management of partners. We offer this stability to our employees.

Our company produces and delivers more than 2 million ready-made cables to various European countries every year. One of the most important tasks in this field is the proper connection of the cable and the connector. On a daily basis, we process cables from AWG32 (0.03mm²) cross section up to 240mm² cross section. The cross-section of only 0.03mm² can no longer be checked with the naked eye, for this reason, it is inevitable to use electronic crimping force monitoring systems to ensure constant good quality.



2009 Company foundation with 25 people in a 400 m² production hall in Bonyhád-Majos
2010 The number of employees increases to 65 persons, the production area is expanded by an additional area of 600 m²
2011 The number of employees increases to 80 people, the warehouse area is expanded by 400 m²
2012 Obtainment of a UL certificate, expanding the warehouse area by 400 m²
2013 New, 3,600 m² manufacturing or construction of a warehouse in Nagymányok, increasing the number of employees to 130 persons
2014 Obtainment of the ISO 9001:2008 certificate, increasing the number of employees to 180 people
2015 Increase in the number of employees to 270, technology development
2016 Purchase of an additional 7,000 m² of land in Nagymányok for expansion
2018 Expansion of the machine park for cutting, crimping and other additional activities
2021 Expansion of the production hall to 7,000 m²
2022 Schäfer Megomat 1000 is put into use for the production of finished products



By using the machine, we can deliver more than three times the amount (700,000 pieces per year) compared to manual production. It performs five work processes and produces 1 product every 16 seconds, which means up to 2,000 finished products in 9 hours. They are packed by the thousands in cardboard boxes and then delivered to the customer.

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